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For Fleet Management Businesses

Our Recommendation

For fleet managers, we recommend Workshop Pro, Breakdown Manager and RFM Live

Workshop Pro

Workshop Pro is the ideal solution for fleet management companies, it is packed with functionality to help you maintain your customers fleet. You can create and manage customers, vehicles, damage estimates, defects, suppliers, supplier purchase orders, parts, stock, invoicing, reporting, email notification to customers and much more.

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Breakdown Manager

Visually locate the nearest Supplier to your customers breakdown with its intergraded MAPS function. Breakdown Manager also helps monitor breakdowns with a traffic light system to keep you updated on progress. Optional pop ups also give additional notice to operators. As with all our modules, Breakdown Manager seamlessly integrates with Workshop Pro and CoWorks.

When used with RFM Live, your customers can record breakdowns online that automatically notify you.


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RFM Live

Give your customers 24/7 website access to their fleet by using RFM live.
When used with Workshop Pro / CoWorks, Inspection sheets and documents attached to their vehicles will be automatically synchronized with RFM live, allowing your customers to download them immediately. RFM live will allow your customers to view their fleet, see due maintenance dates, report defects and breakdowns, run service reports and more.

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